Paul Bender

Paul Bender, CPA, MBA

Paul Bender has 30 years of financial management and consulting experience, including 20 years as Chief Financial Officer for two large municipal natural gas, water and wastewater utilities (District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, 1997 – 2005; and City of Richmond, Public Utilities, 1986 – 1997), and 15 years as an independent financial and management consultant (2005 to present).

Mr. Bender has successfully implemented the entire range of financial, customer service (i.e., CIS, AMR/AMI, call center, etc.), and information technology systems; restructured financial and customer service operations to achieve Board of Directors, City Council, and Ministry objectives; and implemented strong financial planning, budgeting, rate setting, and customer service operations.  His expertise in IT turnaround projects and short and long-range financial and rates/tariffs planning is second to none.

Project management of large-scale customer service/IT ‘turnaround’ projects

Short and long term financial and rates tariff planning

Mr. Bender has been a financial and management consultant since 2005

working with international and U.S. municipalities and water, wastewater, and electric utilities with developing and implementing strategic financial plans and processes; short and longer-term (10-year) rate/tariff structures and levels; organizational restructuring; and developing and implementing comprehensive financial, customer service and information technology improvement plans.

 Mr. Bender’s clients over the past five years:


  • City of Cape Town, South Africa- Comprehensive short and long-term financial and tariff plan; development and implementation of customer service ‘turnaround’ program, including new Customer Service organization reporting to the Director
  • Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, and Botswana Water Utilities Corporation – comprehensive, long-term tariff (rates) study, including raw water extraction pricing options, for the national takeover of water and wastewater operations by a single para-statal water provider
  • City of Los Angeles, CA, Department of Water and Power (DWP)- Independent Court Monitor of a Settlement Agreement under a class action lawsuit v. DWP, to resolve significant billing and customer service issues emanating from a poorly implemented Oracle Customer Care & Billing system (CC&B)
  • Botswana Power Corporation and Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy, and Water Resources Comprehensive Long-Term Financial Strategy, to ensure long-term financial sustainability, elimination of Government operating subsidies, and affordable tariffs.
  • City of Cleveland, Ohio – turnaround, organization-wide customer service improvement project for the City’s Water Division, under the direction of the Mayor

See CV/Resume for detail on each of the above clients.
Mr. Bender was a licensed Certified Public Accountant (Chartered Accountant equivalent) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 1981 until 2010, and has an MBA from Boston University, MA.

Paul Bender, CPA, MBA

Paul L. Bender

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